#2 My Story

When I received the score of my college entrance test, I was disappointed. With that score, I had few choices of colleges to go to. After several family meetings, my family decided to send me to Jilin University, which was  one of the best options on my list. At  Jilin University, I was able to study the major that I loved and was good at–Mathematics.

IMG_3998One reason that I didn’t consider this university first is because the climate there is really different from the city I lived in. The weather is really freezing there, and half of the time it  is snowing. However, the city I used to live in is usually warm and humid. This was a real challenge for me. And I have no friends there. Almost all of my old friends decided to stay rather than go to another city to  study. They would rather study the majors they were not interested in than go out of the city to look for new opportunities.

Despite all the difficulties, I went to Jilin University on my own. It was really hard at first. I went  thorough several severe colds before I eventually got used to the environmentthere. And it wasn’t easy to understand the dialect, either. Anyway, I conquered the obstacles and made a lot of friends as well.

So then came the next step. 图片1After adapting to the environment there, I started to go after the primary goal of being in college–to study. I have studied hard to get the approval of my classmates and teachers, and as the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” My hard work finally paid off. I got the opportunity to go abroad as an exchange student for four months. Georgia Institute of Technology (GT) has a good reputation and it is an honor to come here.

Time has passed really fast.  I only have less than two months left here. With the knowledge I have learned here, I am sure that my English skills will become much better than before. Maybe after one year, I can come back to GT as a graduate student! Who knows what will happen in the future?


5 thoughts on “#2 My Story

  1. It is always difficult in the beginning to adapt to a new environment which different from the one you use to it. I experienced the same thing when I came to the USA with new environment and new weather. For me it was my first time to experience the winter. I think also GT is great opportunity for all of us.

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  2. Aren’t you the brave one! Good for you for being adventurous. You’ll have great stories to tell at parties!! 🙂
    I hope that you feel like you made the right choice now. You seem to be enjoying all of the new experiences…right?

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    1. Of course I enjoy them! Every day is like a advanture to me. I have never regretted this decision. I believe I can be better with these amazing experiences.
      And taking this course is one of my best experiences. I’m happy to become a blogger, because it allows me to communicate with more people. I really need this. Thank you!


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