#4 Sleep Like Da Vinci

Time is valuable, so why should we waste our time sleeping?

These days, when I am awake, I keep thinking about this question.

What if I can sleep less? Imagine the things using these hours that we can do.


火狐截图_2017-03-28T02-14-08.183ZLeonard Da Vinci, an absolute genius who had achievements in multiple fields, allegedly had a different sleep schedule. By this kind of method, he could just spend 90 minutes on sleeping, allowing him to work for more hours in one day.


How did he do that?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. There are 24 hours in one day. According to Da Vinci’s sleep schedule, you can sleeps 15 minutes for every 4 hours that you’re awake. And that’s it. So in all, you can sleep for




It seems a piece of cake but actually it is hard. During the first 2 weeks, you may go through a really awful period of adjustment because of sleep deprivation. After that, your body may become used to the new cycle and feel more comfortable.


Then why doesn’t everyone sleep like Da Vinci?

First, it is unpractical. When everyone keeps awake during the night, the requirement of the energy will become massive. Just recall your last electricity bill and ask yourself: are you willing to pay more money for the extra hours? And don’t overestimate yourself, expecting you to make full use of these extra hours. For example, I tried it once, and I wasted all the time playing around.

Second, your brain need more rest than 90 minutes. Sleep boosts learning and creativity, and acts as the brain’s “self-cleaning” cycle to protect your brain. [1] So if you are not as smart as Da Vinci, and want to keep distance with Alzheimer’s, I suggest you have normal sleep cycles.


And I should probably change my title to “Don’t Sleep Like Da Vinci” now.






[1] The Brain Fog Fix, by Dr. Mike Dow, 2015. Part IV, Chapter 10: Light, Sleep, and Technology


4 thoughts on “#4 Sleep Like Da Vinci

  1. I really like your post!! It’s really fun!! The reason why Da Vinci could live with 90 minutes sleeping per day is just that was his style, I think. Some geniuses need to take much more sleep than ordinary people, so how long you sleep has nothing to do with if you are genius or not. Anyway, it’s true that sleeping is a mysterious area for human beings. I’m very interested in the study about REM/non REM sleep. Do you know what it will happen if we had no nonREM sleep? We’re not able to live on without nonREM sleep!!

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    1. Really? I may have heard something about the REM(Rapid Eyes Movement) sleep, but I know little things about NREM sleep.
      I know a video which may solve your questions :

      Or you can search”crash course psychology 9″ on youtube!

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  2. Fabulous post. And what do you think about all the research on meditation? If you get really good at meditation, you can get yourself into a restful, sleep-like state and therefore require less sleep. Even better than a power nap perhaps!


    1. I do meditation myself. Meditation has a wide range of benefits. It can make people feel more content and less depressed. It can also assuage or cure some psychological diseases. I’m thinking about writing a post about meditation. If inspiration hits me, I will definitely write one.

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