#9 Time Is Power: Game, Time & Music

Here comes my favorite part — GAMES!!

Time often appears as an element in games. Here are some games related to time!

  1. Quantum Break

If you have played Quantam Break, you can definetely find out the title “time is power” is a line appearing literally in every trailer of this game.

Like this one:

Fantastic, isn’t it?

In this game, you can freeze your enemies, create a time sheild to stop the bullets and even toss a time bomb to blow up your enemies! How fun is that!

Time is power, and with this power, you can either save the world or destroy it. It’s your chioce. And depending on the chioce you make, different TV series will be played in the game! A game(60GB) with actual TV series(80GB)!

I really want this game. However, to be able to play this game, I need to buy a better computer.😂😂

Next one!

2. Life is Strange

This is a game about how a girl reverse time repeatly to save her best friend, even it’s the two against the world.

It allows the players to fully immerse in this game. Every choice you make may not influence the final results(except for the last option), but it leads you to empathy with the characters inside, to feel the surreal.

And there is a whole world awaiting you to discover! The details are really great! Every conversation is different.

The soundtrack in this game is soooooo great!

For example, the music in this trailer, named “Obstacles”, is a little morose, but very impressive:

And this song is my favorite. Its title is “To All Of You”.

The guitar tune grabs me at once. Really. I love this game and I’m playing it.

3. Braid

Classics never die!

This game is really old. And it recently has discount if bought with The Witness(a 3D puzzle solving game). So I bought it.

I have to say, this game is challenging. You need to think and opereate at the same time.

It’s about time controlling. The basic is to reverse time to try again or avoid traps, and time has different laws in different games.

I won’t tell you I bought this game just to enjoy its soundtracks.

Patience is the key to fabulous music!

Thanks for your reading!


4 thoughts on “#9 Time Is Power: Game, Time & Music

  1. I thought Quantum Break was Xbox exclusive. It seemed that they released the game on other platforms. And Life is Strange, I didn’t play it, but I did watch the game walkthrough of the first chapter/part. The soundtrack “To All of You”, is it the one that plays in the first chapter through the hallway in the school?

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    1. Games can always excite me. I have to admit that my favorite games and those actual great games are all about fighting and war. Besides, I love solving puzzles(you can see it from my blog😉😉😉), so I’ve played a lot of games that need time to think. It’s really hard to find a game fan who doesn’t play violent games at all. Fighting and killing can reflect some deeply thoughts on humanity, and games with moderate violence are more exciting. I think that’s why there are so many fighting and war games.

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