#8 Blog Recommendation

I love mysterious things. And what is the most strange things of them all? I think human is the biggest mystery. Why people live? What should people eat? How to live better? These are all mysteries. To answer these questions, I need science. Psychology, to be precise.
I found a site with simple psychology, and I like it for several reasons:

  1. Theme


I like this theme. Simple and clear. Pictures are on the top, titles are bold, and with a simple excerpt. This theme attaracts me, makes me want to read more.


2. Writing Style


As is shown in the picture, this kind of writing has well-organized structure. And it’s not super academic so that everyone can understand it. Also, every post is short enough to read in a couple of minutes. Because it’s well-organized, if you are in a hurry, you can skim through the whole post by only looking at the subtitles, which only takes a few seconds.


3. Layout

High-quality graphics and essays are carefully selected, often related to each other.

And the posts are elaborately categorized.

For example, in “Quotes”, the posts are uniform:



This blog has many interesting tips about everything, not just about psychology. I think the only thing that I don’t really like is that I can only see the latest 10 posts but not the others.


In conclusion, this blog is really great, I think it can offer advices to a wide range of things.


Click to visit this blog:



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