#12 About My Blog

~ About the things I like

* What is my blog theme? Has it changed or evolved?

  • My blog theme includes various of things. I can literally write about everything, because everything is mysterious if your curiousity never stops.


* What I love about my blog

  • I like to insert pictures between paragraphs. This is mostly because I feel very sleepy after read a long passage.😴😴😴 So I try my best to visualize my posts. And that’s what I like about myself.


* What my favorite is post so far and why

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~ About the things I want to improve

* Things I want to improve about my blog

  • Maybe too many options is actually a bad thing? I have hard time choosing a topic to write about. Maybe I should narrow down my options?

o What are specific Top 3 things to improve

  1. Categories & Tags
  2. More connections with social media
  3. Unstable writing style

o How will I improve these things

  1. Decide my tags(topics) before publishing post
  2. First I need to create a facebook account. And wait for one day when I could get access to Facebook from China🀐🀐🀐
  3. More unstable!!😝😝😝OK, I’m joking. But constantly changing my style is fun!!


~ About my blogging journey

* What have I learned about blogging

o Things I could teach other bloggers (Tips)

  • How to set up a blogπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  • How to organize paragraphs and picture

o Obstacles that I have overcome

  • Surprise! I learned some expressions in HTML language.
  • Amazing! I found someone interested in games just like I do!

o In which area has my blog improved the most

  • I love typing! Isn’t that great?


* What is my vision for the future of my blog

o 3 Ideas for future blog post

  • When the future comes, you’ll know.

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Hope I can do more, but not now.

Because I still have a stack of mathematical materials to review!😱😱😱


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