Hello, My name is Louis Ann Gemini! I am a college student from China, and my major is mathematics. I like to learn new things. Using different media, I can learn new knowledge through books, recordings, videos, etc.

I am obsessed with the stories of Sherlock Holmes and now I am trying to read the whole non-translated version of it. I love mysterious things like ciphers and ruses (This is not saying that I am fond of conspiracy). Of course, I cannot become a detective now, so I use math as the magnifier to enlarge and explore the math principles behind practical problems. I  don’t really have a detailed plan for my future, but whether I go to work or continue learning, I will always try new ideas all the time.

Although I don’t know if an idea is good or not until I try it out, I will write my feelings down here. My blog is mainly about the things I have tried recently and my opinion about them. You are welcome to check my blog from time to time to see if anything intrigues you.