I don’t have much time to explain because I have EIGHT courses to learn!! In only ONE month!!!! So there will be no more new and fun things on this blog until I finish my eight finals. However, if you are interested in time management, my experience may be helpful. Here, I recommend an App … More I AM BUSY!!!

#12 About My Blog

~ About the things I like * What is my blog theme? Has it changed or evolved? My blog theme includes various of things. I can literally write about everything, because everything is mysterious if your curiousity never stops.   * What I love about my blog I like to insert pictures between paragraphs. This … More #12 About My Blog

#11 Sustainability 101

Interviewee (right): Jennifer Hirsch, Ph.D. Applied Anthropologist Director, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain Georgia Institute of Technology   Interviewer (left): Louis Ann Gemini, student Blogger of World Of Mysterious   What is sustainability to you?   J: It’s hard to define. How do you define it? L: I think sustainability is to save resources by recycling and … More #11 Sustainability 101

#8 Blog Recommendation

I love mysterious things. And what is the most strange things of them all? I think human is the biggest mystery. Why people live? What should people eat? How to live better? These are all mysteries. To answer these questions, I need science. Psychology, to be precise. I found a site with simple psychology, and … More #8 Blog Recommendation